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All the information in these pages is free for your use but it does get a little stressful. A cup of coffee now and then would be helpful. Feel free to buy me a cup.

exposing those scams, hoaxes and viruses.


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The Internet Snitch

An Inspiration:

This website was inspired by the questions and comments of our readers, readers just like you. Readers who were unable to find the answers to the many questions they had without a high price attached. We try hard to answer all those questions and comments here without any charge.

We also encourage you to include your comments and any hints and tips you may have learned along the way in an effort to help others learn from the mistakes we have already made.

Just send an e-mail. The link is at the bottom of this page and several others. No fancy forms to fill out and no sign in and no password, just an email. Go ahead, send your thoughts.

Making Money:

How to make money online without the worry of scams and rip-offs. All the information is free for the aid of the beginner. Plus there are several addresses to sites with more information explaining all the processes necessary for success online.

Take advantage of all the information available, it is there for your benefit. Our goal is to aid you in learning and building a profitable website of your own. We hope all beginners can profit from the mistakes we have already made. So you can now start thinking about your money site with confidence our respect.

In this site we discuss  the good, the bad and the ugly of internet money making. It can be done and we strive to help you in your venture to a  financial future. More information can be found at the Affiliate Manager site.

Be sure to look at the many points and interests described. We talk about subject matter, building your website, finding a host for the website and some of the scams which plague the internet airways.

Take your time and check here often in your journey to wealth.

Another thing you should always watch out for is new scams that have been reported.

The Internet Snitch is there to show what has been discovered. Check on it often.


What you  need to know about this site and the author.

Internet Money Info - No Scams

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MoneyList Profits (a joint venture money maker worth a look and best of all, its FREE) (Just as it says, work at home) (One of my other sites) (all you ever wanted to know about websites) (Understanding html code)

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